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Posted on: May 19, 2017

5 Products to Buy Before You Bring Your New Pet Home

Bringing a four-legged family member home for the first time is exciting for the whole family. New pets can bring a different dynamic to your household and your house might not be totally set up for a pet, yet. Get prepared for life with your furry friends with these five must-have products to pick up before bringing your new pet home.

Products To Buy Before New Pet 2

1. A place to sleep

If you aren’t excited about your pet spending time on your furniture, a pet bed is a necessity. Regardless of if your pet spends time outdoors or is indoors only, they can pick up bacteria anywhere, which transfers to the places they hang. We love this pet bed from Petmate which doesn’t just look cute but helps avoid bacteria build up and the potential odors that come with it.

2. A place to eat

Just like you use a plate to hold your food your pet needs a place to eat, too. Similarly, just like you wash your plate after every meal, some sources recommend washing your pet’s bowl after every meal to avoid bacteria from growing that could cause your pet to get sick. This combo feeder pulls double duty, looks sleek and keeps your pet safe from bacteria. A win/win/win.

3. A place that’s clean

Pets cause messes and special pet stains. Even the best-trained pet has an occasional accident and we don’t even want to mention the shedding. That’s why it important to keep the cleaning supply closet stocked. Carpet cleaners, disinfectants, and paper towels should be stocked in full before welcoming your new pet into your home.

4. A place poo free 

Whether your pet’s bathroom is indoors or outdoors, everyone has to go. Petmate offers waste bagspick up equipment and litter boxes that are designed to make sure those messes aren’t leaving behind bacteria causing stains and odors in your home.

5. A place to call home

Crates and kennels are great for potty training your pet or creating a place for them to claim as their own. Once your pet is comfortable with their kennel they’ll often use it as a place for comfort and consistency so it’s important to keep that space clean. This kennel doesn’t just keep your pet’s home cleaner, longer but also grows with them.

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