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Posted on: Sep 21, 2017

7 Scientists You Should Definitely Be Following on Instagram

If your feed is feeling less inspired as of late, don’t panic: there’s more to the Instagram universe than selfies, babies and brunch photos. We’ve rounded up our favorite science-loving Instagram accounts to add a little more interesting, mind-blowing, color-popping coolness to your daily scroll session. Why? Because science rocks!

Scientists You Should Definitely Be Following 2

1. Captain Dr. Scott Kelly

When the President of the United States asks you to Instagram your interplanetary tour, you suit up and snap some pretty gorgeous orbit pics. Follow Astronaut Captain Dr. Scott Kelly for some truly out-of-the-world images.

2. Dr. Karl

Whoever said science was a serious affair has never met Dr. Karl, an eccentric Australian scientist and educator with a colorful Instagram feed of dinosaurs, wild facts, mind-bending videos and wacky outfits.

3. The Masterpiece Inside

Topher King, a self-dubbed “Sci-Artist,” wields his Nikon 2 POL microscope and D3400 Camera with a painter’s eye, capturing alchemical reactions of organic compounds on the molecular level to bring mesmerizing art to your feed.

4. Mythbusters

The original science class delinquents and much-beloved entertainers, Jamie and Adam of Mythbusters blow science myths out of the lab with their weird and wonderful experiments—many of which they’ve brought to Instagram for your entertainment.

5. Microban International

When they’re not fighting stink, stains and microscopic bad guys in the lab, the team at Microban International is busy making the “science of a cleaner world” easy and fun (and even delicious) for families everywhere.

6. ZEISS Microscopy

Add a fascinating new perspective on the world to your feed with ZEISS Microscopy. Mind-blowing posts about life on an itty-itty-bitty scale will have you casually referencing carbon nanohorns, neon ion beams and argon lasers, NBD.

7. Science Sam

Science Sam has made it her mission to share the fun and stylish side of science with the world, encouraging women in STEM everywhere to embrace their beautiful inner nerd. Follow her exploits in the lab and around Toronto.