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Posted on: Mar 29, 2018

8 of the Best Pet Spaces on the Internet Right Now

Our four-legged friends deserve the best in life, no matter how many messes they make. They are there for us in the ups and downs, and of course, whenever we have treats. We know, we can’t be the only ones who want to spoil our pets with lavish baths and upgraded beds, right Petmate?

While simple additions to your home, like pet bowls that fight bacteria and carpet that cleans itself, can help keep pets’ space clean, sometime you want to add a little fashion to the function, too. We scoured the internet to find the best pet spaces – from DIY to plan ahead projects – built with your furry friend in mind.

1) Snazzy Little Things

Space is limited, so get creative when you decide where to put your pet’s crate. Snazzy Little Things created a table that works double duty – hiding and utilizing the space the crate takes up.

2) My Scandinavian Home

We know we aren’t the only ones who like to spoil our pets, so why not give them a luxurious tee-pee home for the living room?

3) Wouldn’t It Be Lovely

Bon appetit! Stop tripping over your pets’ food bowls. Instead, elevate where your dog or cat eats and drinks under a counter space in your kitchen. Good for your toes and good for your pup, too!

4) Home Talk

Bird watching can be exhausting, so creating a window basket for your feline will come in handy when they need to soak up some sun.

5) California Home Design

Workin’ at the dog wash! Some pets love it, most pets hate it. Install a dog shower area to your mudroom or laundry room to save yourself time and your pet some sanity.

6) Brooklyn Farm Girl

Did you know that cats feel more confident when they can sit higher over a room? Give your cat their very own indoor jungle gym – and a confidence boost – while maintaining a minimalist modern home design by DIY-ing these simple floating shelves.

7) Ballard Designs

Why be modest about your love for your little woofer? We believe that, when done tastefully, pet-themed decor can be a very fun and inviting look for a home.

8) Soho Minimal

Offer your favorite feline a literal bed-side table, while also adding a touch of mid-century modern design to a room.

Whichever way you decide to upgrade your pet’s space, make sure you add it to your daily cleaning to-dos. With messes, spit up and playtime, these pet spaces can be prime areas for bacteria and germs. We suggest cleaning pet beds and food bowls at least once a week.

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