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Posted on: Apr 6, 2017

Why Your Gear Stinks and How to Stop It

What’s that smell?

There’s nothing quite like those post-workout endorphins—and nothing can kill the vibe quite like getting a whiff of that post-workout stench. Working up a sweat is great for cooling the body down, but it’s also great for harboring nasty odor-causing bacteria, mold and mildew in your favorite gear. We’ve put together a list of the regular odor offenders when it comes to your fitness gear, including how to prevent them, so you can put your focus where it belongs: finishing that workout strong.


Finding the right shoes for your workout is important. You want shoes that support your feet and propel your moves, not leave you with blisters and back pain. On top of comfort, you want shoes that aren’t going to leave you embarrassed in the locker room because of stench. Your feet produce a lot of sweat; between that and the constant contact with dirt and grime your sneakers are an easy target for foul odors. The good news is that your sneakers are fairly easy to toss in the washing machine (unless of course they are labeled otherwise). Just remove the soles, place the shoes in separate, tied-off pillowcases and wash normally. Additionally, choosing shoes with built-in antimicrobial technology guarantees that the material works continuously to prevent odor-causing bacteria from growing between washings.

Sports Bra

Fitness apparel requires a little more attention in the wash due to the amount of sweat and activity it sees. Odor can actually stay in your workout clothes between washes if you let sweat set into the clothing. The first rule in preventing long-term odor in sports bras is to not stay in it for a long period of time post-workout; you want to wash it as soon as you can to make sure the odor comes out. There are a number of ways to get rid of odor in sports bras, including freezing it, soaking it in vinegar or adding lemon juice and baking soda to the washing machine before running it. Avoid the embarrassing stench completely by choosing sports bras with Microban® Protection. Microban® technology built-in will be working hard to continuously prevent bacteria from growing—while you’re working hard on beating your last record.

Sports Equipment

For athletes (professional or recreational) there’s a constant battle to ensure equipment stays odor-free. Often, the gear lives outside, because bringing the stench that comes with it into your home is a no-go. It’s important to wash your gear regularly, either via washing machine or (if you’re unable machine-wash them) by adding water and detergent to a spray bottle and hand-washing it. Keeping your equipment clean at all times can seem daunting, but keeping the odor contained is a necessity. Studies show that sports equipment infused with Microban® have 250 times less odor that those without—so investing in equipment with Microban® means winning one for the home team. Fitness just became fresher!

Don’t let your athletic gear prevent you from achieving your best workout possible. Spend less time worrying about odor and mildew and more time staying active with Microban®. For more tips on keeping your belongings clean and odor-free, visit us at The Cleaner Home.