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Posted on: Dec 22, 2016

9 Common Holiday Season Stains & Messes (And How to Clean Them Quickly)

During the holiday season your house is likely to resemble a battlefield, especially if you have children and even more so if you braved the feat of having your whole family over!

From dealing with all of the discarded wrapping paper to cleaning up wine stains on the carpet, check out these tips we’ve put together for dealing with holiday season mess. Remember: always spot test to ensure no damage is caused!

1. Juice stains

If you are hosting younger guests, there’s likely to be lots of running around with drinks in hand, and that can mean juice stains on the carpet. It might look like the carpet has met its untimely demise, but before you send the troublemakers for a timeout, try blotting up the excess juice, then use cool water mixed with liquid soap to treat the stain.

2. Blood stains on clothes

Here’s to hoping no one seriously injures themselves during Christmas dinner. However, anything from a paper cut on the wrapping paper to an overly-enthusiastic toast which shatters your wine glasses can result in a blood stain. Simply blotting with water can work - just remember not to use warm water in the momentary panic – only cold! Heat will make the stain set. If you can, add two tablespoons of salt or ammonia to the stain. Machine washing can also help.

3. Broken glass

Unless you’ve decided to have a throwback festive party and return to your frat days with big plastic cups, you are inevitably running the risk of a couple of broken glasses throughout the night. For minimal risk of having any bits left behind try this: sweep up as much of the glass as possible with a dustpan and brush, then use slices of bread to mop up any tiny shards that might be left. Wrap in newspaper and put it in the trash!

4. Greasy food

For any runaway bits of greasy food that have left a stain behind, we advise sprinkling baby powder over the stain and letting it soak in, then vacuuming/brushing away (for dark stains, finish off with standard stain remover).

5. Red wine stains

The nightmare of every hostess who is a fan of white tablecloths and napkins, red wine spills can be tackled by covering them with salt, let it soak in, then vacuuming. Follow up with a bit of white wine.

6. Chewing gum

Should you be unfortunate enough to have chewing gum stuck on your furniture, try rubbing an ice cube over the gum to make it easier to remove, and use a blunt piece of cutlery (a butter knife or a spoon) to pick at it until it comes off.

7. Coffee stains

Should any of the coffee you serve with dessert end up on your special Christmas tablecloth, you can rectify the situation by blotting any excess liquid, then rub some club soda into the stain to minimize it.

8. Wax

Cinnamon or pinetree scented candles are all well and good, until one of them gets knocked over and your hardwood floors are covered in wax. Not to worry, you don’t have to start sanding the floor just yet. Use a scraper to remove the hardened wax, going in the direction of wood grain, then cover the stain with kitchen paper or a towel and iron on a low-medium heat, being careful not to burn it – this should help you get rid of any stubborn bits.

9. Wrapping Paper

Of all the holiday season mess, this is the easiest to tackle. Before everybody begins opening presents, have a trash bag at the ready. Each time a present is opened, put the discarded wrapping paper straight into the trash bag. For everything else, simply fold any wrapping paper that you would want to reuse, and recycle the rest. This is a quick way to make your home look significantly less messy, and you could turn it into a race for the kids – who can put away their presents and wrapping paper the quickest.