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Posted on: Mar 1, 2018

Oscars Closet Clean Out Challenge

Roll out the red carpet and open those closet doors because it is time for the Oscars Closet Cleanout Challenge. Every year the red carpet reminds us how we still have our prom dress from the 1990s and the velour sweat suits that we all rocked in the early 2000s hanging in in our closet.

But this year, as we watch the stars shine at the 90th-annual event, your closet is getting in on the action, too. Join us for the Oscars Closet Cleanout Challenge!

Here’s how it works: whenever a selected film wins an award in any category – including acting, set design, music, makeup, etc. – you must let go of the item listed below that film.

For example: If Sally Hawkins from The Shape of Water wins best actress, then you donate a pair of shoes.

Grab your popcorn, a glass of something bubbly, turn up the TV and get ready to purge!

Oscars Clean Closet Challenge Infographic