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By: Jennifer Gervens
Posted on: Mar 22, 2018

Spring Family Photo Tips

Take a look back at the last family photos that you had taken. It's hard to believe that everyone has changed so much over the course of a year, right? Smiles are different, the kids have all grown a foot, and style preferences have probably changed as well. Bottom line? It's time for some new family photos! Spring time is a great time of year to get those perfect family portraits done. Not only is the weather beautiful, but spring fever has everyone happy to be outside hopefully more cooperative. If you want to get those pictures of your crew updated for spring, here are a few tips from Sweet T Makes Three to have an epic family photo shoot.

Wear light and bright colors that coordinate together

Choose a color that you want to be the theme for your family photo, and then build your outfits around it. Have fun with this, as it can also be a way to reflect your unique fashion style of your family. Options could include having both parents wear a light blue shirt while the kids wear fun patterned shirts with that same light blue as a color throughout. Or, have the dad wear the main color combo and everyone else has something on a piece of their clothing that matches. Honestly, the options are endless, so have fun mixing and matching to create that perfect look. Pinterest is a great place to look for inspiration.

Prepare your little ones ahead of time

Don't just "spring" the fact that they are going to be posing for photos on them the day of. Give them time to process and understand as well! Spending a day smiling for the camera can be exhausting to your kids, but if you take the time to prepare them, then they will feel less anxious about the photo shoot. Give them a time frame, tell them what to expect from the photographer, and pack a bag full of toys and items for them to have when there is downtime. Don't show up for family photos empty-handed and unprepared!

Resort to bribery

I'm giving you permission. Depending on the age and personalities of your children, sometimes a little incentive can be useful, especially with reluctant participants like preschoolers and teens. In 1986, my mother famously bribed me with the promise of a Mr. Potato Head if I was cooperative for portraits. It worked!

Don't forget to relax and have fun

Trust me, it shows in the pictures if there is tension. While it may be super important for you to have perfect family pictures, let the camera capture those true moments of your family in real life. The silly moments, those moments when three people are looking at the camera and one isn't? Those are real moments. Embrace the candid.

Quit stressing

I'm talking to you, moms! You will come away with at least one picture that you like. Trust in the fact that you hired a professional to do your family photos, and let them do their magic. You don't want to look at your beautiful new portraits where everyone may have a smile plastered on, but looking at them just brings back memories of how stressed you were that day.

Having a spring family photo session is a great way to kick off the start of a new season. Before booking your family session, make sure to follow some of the suggestions above to ensure that you have an enjoyable and fun-filled family photo session.