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By: Alison Jacobson
Posted on: Mar 24, 2017

Tips for a Cleaner Spring – At Home and on the Road

This blog post was contributed by Alison Jacobson. Founder of, Alison is a mother, writer, radio host, speaker, and family safety advocate.

I’m far from being a germaphobe but when you stop and think about all the people who have stayed before you at a vacation spot or sat in your seat on a plane it does make you think about how clean these places are.  Planning a vacation with kids is hard enough without having to think about sanitizing everything along the way but bringing home germs and sickness is not the way you want to end a great vacation.  Whether it’s a road trip, flight or cruise, or you are spending vacation time at home, here are a few easy tips to for a cleaner spring.

Stock up on hand sanitizer and wipes 

You can’t bring enough of these two items.  Whether it’s rest stop bathrooms, airline tray tables or hotel TV remote controls, get into the habit of wiping down all items and using hand sanitizer after leaving any public place.  Don’t forget the seat belt buckle on planes, handles on hotel room doors and pumps at gas stations.

If you are out with small children in diapers and will need to make use of changing tables in public places, you will also want to take note of locations that offer Koala Care changing tables featuring Microban technology built-in to the table for a cleaner changing surface.

Bring a small cooler with you 

Keeping hydrated during trips to theme parks or the beach is important.  Bring along a small cooler to keep water and healthy snacks with you wherever you go.  If you have medications that need to stay cool, you’ll also need this if your hotel room doesn’t have a refrigerator.

Soft-sided cooler bags are a great option for easy access to drinks and snacks.  Arctic Zone soft-sided coolers featuring Microban product protection also provide an added layer of protection against stains and odors in cooler bags – a bonus benefit.

If your outing calls for more heavy duty cooler storage, Rubbermaid large capacity rolling coolers also come with this built-in protection that will not wash off or wear away, keeping your cooler cleaner between uses.

Bring your own pillow 

Not only will you get better sleep with your own pillow but, while the little pillows you get on airlines are supposed to be changed after every trip, there’s no guarantee.  The same holds true for hotel pillows.

Pack a pair of extra socks 

Did you ever stop and think how often hotels shampoo the carpets in the rooms?  Now think about how many shoes are walking over it, items that are spilled and other things that can happen on that carpet.  Enough said.

Stick to plastic cups  

Hotels often simply wipe down the glasses that are in the rooms.  If they don’t offer pre-wrapped plastic cups, ask for them.  If none are available, wash the glasses in hot soapy water and dry thoroughly before using.

Sprayco offers a great collapsible plastic cup that is easy to pack, along with a wide variety of other travel items, including toothbrush holders, soap dishes and pill cases, which all offer a cleaner storage option for your personal care products when you are on the go.

Take care of vehicle maintenance in advance  

If you are driving to your destination of choice, make sure all of your vehicle maintenance is current, including replacing your cabin air filter.  WIX cabin air filters feature Microban technology to keep the filter cleaner so that your cabin air is fresher.

Don’t forget about your pets  

If you are going to be away for multiple days with a pet at home, gravity feeders and waterers can be a great way to ensure that your pet is taken care of while you are not at home. Petmate offers a wide variety of pet care products with Microban protection, helping to keep the products cleaner between cleanings.

Get Outside 

Spring is a great time for families to unplug and enjoy a little physical activity outdoors together. If you or other family members have injuries that slow you down, try using Curad brand support products to avoid pain or further injury.  Curad products with Microban technology will stay fresher and last longer.

Spring clean with cleaner tools 

Finally, if your spring plans include any spring cleaning (and most of ours do), check out cleaner cleaning tools from Quickie.  You can find everything from tile brushes to mop heads to take on all of your spring cleaning projects with less worry.